When there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get all the work done, and yet there is not enough work to justify hiring a new office assistant, maybe I can help by doing some of that work for you on an “as needed” basis. You pay only for the work done, no need to worry about paying an employee for benefits, insurance, payroll expenses, idle time, lunch breaks, or personal phone calls or web browsing on company time!

There are many tasks I could do for your company. Check my list of specialties under the “Services” link above, and if you don’t see the job listed, contact me and I will give you a quote. I can pick up the work locally in San Diego County, or you can send me the work as an email attachment. I will complete the job in the allotted time and return it to you either in-person, first class mail, Fed-Ex or Internet email.

I currently teach Virtual Office Assistant courses at Grossmont College and for the San Diego Community College District where I am employed as a full-time professor since 1988. My experience has given me the ability to complete difficult tasks in a shorter amount of time, so if you’re shopping for the “cheapest” rate, consider that I might end up costing you less because other “VA’s” might take more time to do the same job!

I’ll look forward to discussing your needs. My services might be exactly what you need to keep your business cost-effective. If you would like to learn more about how Virtual Assistants are helping businesses around the world, check out some of the web sites and articles in the news on my “Resources for Virtual Assistants” page for more information on one of the hottest careers of the new millennium.

If you are a Virtual Assistant yourself and have found my web site, I would be delighted to make your acquantance. Check out the “Resources for Virtual Assistants” page from the menu above. Please feel welcome to email me at tom@tomsmerk.com or leave a comment in the blog on this site. Each year I meet a new group of students who are anxious to begin their new VA business, so if you need a little extra help with some of your projects, I would be happy to refer some of my students. It would be a great start for them and would help you at the same time. Please keep in touch!

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And if you need a web site, I can design one for you and manage it on an ongoing basis. Contact me at the email address in the paragraph above.